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Exam Code ACE-Personal-Trainer
Exam Name ACE Personal Trainer Certification Exam
Update Date 15 Apr, 2024
Total Questions 274 Questions Answers With Explanation

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Question # 1

The following nutritional information is given on the label of a food package:Serving Size: 1Amount per serving: 1Calories: 390Protein 25 gTotal carbohydrate: 50 gCholesterol: 25 mgSodium 390 mgWhat percentage of the calories is derived from carbohydrates?

A. 15%
B. 38%
C. 51%
D. 62%

Question # 2

How does this assessment help an ACE certified Personal Trainer address a client's issue with gait and balance?

A. The trainer can assess bilateral mobility of the thoracic spine.
B. The trainer can assess symmetrical lower-extremity mobility and stability.
C. The trainer can examine stabilization of the scapulothoracic joint and core control while the client is on one leg.
D. The trainer can examine the ability of the hip and torso to remain stable while the client is on one leg.

Question # 3

What is the CEC requirement for certification renewal of an ACE certified Personal Trainer?

A. A minimum of 10 hours of CECs and a current AED certificate are required every two years.
 B. A minimum of 10 hours of CECs and a current AED certificate are required every four years.
C. A minimum of 20 hours of CECs and a current CPR certificate are required every two years.
D. A minimum of 20 hours of CECs and a current CPR certificate are required every four years.

Question # 4

When is positive reinforcement MOST effective?

A. When it is accompanied by a brief compliment
B. When It Is repeated twice
C. When it is given to a group of people
D. When it provides specific information

Question # 5

An ACE certified Personal Trainer began working with a married couple one year ago. Recently, the husband has not attended their sessions, and the wife has been revealing harsh feelings toward him. She confesses that she has been considering a divorce. During the next session, the husband attends by himself and asks how his wife has been doing and if she has said anything about him. What should the personal trainer do? 

A. Show the husband the comments the wife made that are recorded in the personal trainer's file.
B. Tell him that she has not said anything and that she is doing well in her workouts.
C. Advise him that it would be best if he found another personal trainer.
D. Ask him to respect the personal trainer's position and avoid revealing any information.