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Exam Code 200-301
Exam Name Cisco Certified Network Associate
Update Date 20 May, 2024
Total Questions 880 Questions Answers With Explanation

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Question # 1

SIP-based Call Admission Control must be configured in the Cisco WLC GUI. SIP callsnooping ports are configured. Which two actions must be completed next? (Choose two.)

A. Set the QoS level to silver or greater for voice traffic.  
B. Set the QoS level to platinum for voice traffic.  
C. Enable Media Session Snooping on re WLAN.  
D. Enable traffic shaping for the LAN interlace of the WLC.  
E. Configure two different QoS rotes tor data and voice traffic.  

Question # 2

What is the default port-security behavior on a trunk link? 

A. It causes a network loop when a violation occurs.  
B. It disables the native VLAN configuration as soon as port security is enabled.  
C. It places the port in the err-disabled state if it learns more than one MAC address.  
D. It places the port in the err-disabled slate after 10 MAC addresses are statically configured. 

Question # 3

Which IP header field is changed by a Cisco device when QoS marking is enabled? 

A. Header Checksum  
B. Type of service  
D. ECN  

Question # 4

What is a link-local all-nodes IPv6 multicast address? 

A. ff02:0:0:0:0:0:0:1  
B. 2004:31c:73d9:683e:255::  
C. fffe:034:0dd:45d6:789e::  
D. fe80:4433:034:0dd::2  

Question # 5

A network engineer must migrate a router loopback interface to the IPv6 address space. If the current IPv4 address of the interface is, and the engineer configures IPv6 address, which prefix length must be used?

A. /64  
B. /96  
C. /124  
D. /128  

Question # 6

What is the purpose of using First Hop Redundancy Protocol on a specific subnet? 

A. ensures a loop-free physical topology  
B. filters traffic based on destination IP addressing  
C. sends the default route to the hosts on a network  
D. forwards multicast hello messages between routers  

Question # 7

What determines the sequence in which materials are planned during the material requirements planning (MRP) run?

A. The control parameters of the MRP run  
B. The creation date of the materials  
C. The low-level code of the materials  
D. The replenishment lead time of the materials  

Question # 8

Which cipher is supported for wireless encryption only with the WPA2 standard? 

A. AES256  
B. AES  
C. RC4  
D. SHA  

Question # 9

Which WPA mode uses PSK authentication? 

A. Local  
B. Client  
C. Enterprise  
D. Personal  

Question # 10

What is the purpose of the Cisco DNA Center controller? 

A. to secure physical access to a data center  
B. to scan a network and generate a Layer 2 network diagram  
C. to securely manage and deploy network devices  
D. to provide Layer 3 services to autonomous access points