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Exam Code 300-415
Exam Name Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions (300-415 ENSDWI)
Update Date 22 Jul, 2024
Total Questions 359 Questions Answers With Explanation

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Question # 1

Which command on a WAN Edge device displays the information about the colors presentin the fabric that are learned from vSmart via OMP?

A. show omp tlocs 
B. show omp sessions 
C. show omp peers 
D. show omp route 

Question # 2

A vEdge platform is sending VRRP advertisement messages every 10 seconds. Whichvalue configures the router back to the default timer?

A. 2 seconds 
B. 3 seconds 
C. 1 second 
D. 5 seconds 

Question # 3

Where on vManage does an engineer find the details of control node failure?

A. Alarms 
B. Events 
C. Audit log 
D. Network 

Question # 4

An engineer is troubleshooting a certificate issue on vEdge. Which command is used toverify the validity of the certificates?

A. show control local-properties 
B. show control summary 
C. show certificate installed 
D. show certificate status 

Question # 5

What are the two advantages of deploying cloud-based Cisco SD-WAN controllers?(Choose two.)

A. centralized control and data plane 
B. distributed authentication policies 
C. management of SLA 
D. infrastructure as a service 
E. centralized raid storage of data 

Question # 6

An administrator needs to configure SD-WAN to divert traffic from the company's privatenetwork to an ISP network. What action should be taken to accomplish this goal?

A. configure the control policy 
B. configure the data policy 
C. configure the data security policy 
D. configure the application aware policy 

Question # 7

How is multicast routing enabled on devices in the Cisco SD-WAN overlay network?

A. The WAN Edge routers originate multicast service routes to the vSmart controller viaOMP, which then forwards joins for requested multicast groups based on IGMP v1 or v2toward the source or PIM-RP as specified m the original PIM join message. 
B. The vSmart controller originates multicast service routes to the WAN Edge routers viaOMP, which then forwards joins for requested multicast groups cased on IGMP v1 or v2toward the source or PlM-RP as specified m the original PIM join message 
C. The vSmart controller originates multicast service routes to the WAN Edge routers viaOMP, which then forwards joins (or requested multicast groups based on IGMP v2 or v3toward the source or PIM-RP as specified in the original PIM join message 
D. The WAN Edge routers originate multicast service routes to the vSmart controller viaOMP. which then forwards joins for requested multicast groups based on iGMP v2 or v3toward the source or PIM-RP as specified in the original PIM join message 

Question # 8

Which protocol is used for the vManage to connect to the vSmart Controller hosted inCloud?

A. PnP Server 

Question # 9

When software is upgraded on a vManage NMS, which two image-adding options storeimages in a local vManage software repository? (Choose two.

A. To be downloaded over a SMTP connection 
B. To be downloaded over a SNMP connection 
C. To be downloaded over an out-of-band connection 
D. To be downloaded over a control plane connection 
E. To be downloaded over an ICMP connection 

Question # 10

A policy is created to influence routing path in the network using a group of prefixes. Whatpolicy application will achieve this goal when applied to a site List?

A. vpn-membership policy 
B. cflowd-template 
C. app-route policy 
D. control-policy