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Exam Code 300-425
Exam Name Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSD)
Update Date 15 Apr, 2024
Total Questions 114 Questions Answers With Explanation

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Question # 1

A wireless engineer must design mobility between two buildings at a campus site. The engineer has one controller at each site. The engineer is investigating inter-controller CAPWAP data and control traffic. Which two ports must be open? (Choose two.)

A. 5246  
B. 5247  
C. 8443  
D. 16666  
E. 16667  

Question # 2

An engineer is configuring a centralized set of controllers for separate facilities. Which two Cisco wireless architectures must be used to ensure flexible sizing of WLAN to VLAN mappings? (Choose two.) 

A. interface group  
B. mobility group  
C. AP group  
D. controller group  
E. RF group  

Question # 3

Refer to the exhibit.  A WLC SSO pair is set up. Which failure scenario causes a split-brain scenario? 

A. RP is down.  
B. Two distribution ports on the active WLC are down.  
C. VSL is down.  
D. One distribution port on the active WLC is down.  

Question # 4

The wireless team must configure a new voice SSID for optimized roaming across multiple WLCs with Cisco 8821 phones. Which two settings accomplish this goal? (Choose two.) 

A. Configure mobility groups between WLCs.  
B. Use Cisco Centralized Key Management for authentication.  
C. Configure AP groups between WLCs.  
D. Configure AVC profile on new SSID.  
E. Use AVC to tag traffic voice traffic as best effort.  

Question # 5

Refer to the exhibit.  An enterprise has offices spread around the globe. The APs are connected to different controllers installed in separate datacenters. The IT team wants to allow clients to roam from controllers in group ABC to controllers in group XYZ. Which feature must be incorporated in the design to accomplish this task? 

A. switch peer group  
B. workgroup bridge  
C. mDNS gateway  
D. mobility lists  

Question # 6

During a wireless network design, a customer requires wireless coverage on the perimeter of a building but also wants to minimize signal leakage from the wireless network. Which antenna should be used to accomplish this design?

A. Patch  
B. Dipole  
C. Monopole  
D. Omnidirectional  

Question # 7

An engineer is designing a wireless network to support high availability. The network will need to support the total number of APs and client SSO. Live services should continue to work without interruption during the failover Which two requirements need to be incorporated into the design to meet these needs? (Choose two.) 

A. redundant WLC  
B. controller high availability pair with one of the WLCs having a valid AP count license 
C. 10 sec RTT  
D. back-to-back direct connection between WLCs  
E. WLC 7.5 code or more recent  

Question # 8

An engineer as performing a Layer 1 passive wireless site survey utilizing a channel analyzer software in the 2.4 GHz spectrum. Which chart indicates the ratio of interference present during the duration of the capture? A)B)  C)

A. Option A  
B. Option B  
C. Option C  
D. Option D  

Question # 9

During a wireless design all APs are mapped to designated controllers in case of a failure. The controllers are located in the same data center but in different racks. An AP failed over to a controller that was not defined on its High Availability tab. The customer does not want the AP to move back to its defined Cisco WLCs until they manually intervene. What needs to be addressed in the design? 

A. Set AP fallback to enabled.  
B. Set AP fallback to disabled.  
C. Change the HA SKU secondary unit option.  
D. Change the default mobility domain.  

Question # 10

An engineer must repurpose a lab WLC appliance for use in the production environment of the enterprise. After the new WLC is configured with the information of the other WLC, the mobility tunnels are still not coming up. What is the reason?

A. A firewall is blocking UDP port 16667 between the WLCs.  
B. The WLC management interfaces are in the same VLAN.  
C. The hardware platform is incompatible.  
D. The mobility groups are different.