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Exam Code 300-435
Exam Name Automating Cisco Enterprise Solutions (ENAUTO)
Update Date 21 Jun, 2024
Total Questions 125 Questions Answers With Explanation

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Question # 1

What is primary purpose of using the Cisco SD-WAN vManage Certificate Management API?

A. to securely deploy vManage  
B. to report an issue to Cisco TAC  
C. to install signed certificates  
D. to contact Enterprise Certificate Authority  

Question # 2

During a network outage, a network administrator used the Cisco SD-WAN vManage Troubleshooting Dashboard APIs to troubleshoot the cause of the issue. Which detail is captured during troubleshooting with these APIs?

A. VPN health  
B. public cloud resources  
C. connections summary  
D. OMP connection health  

Question # 3

Which action allows for creating a Python script to pull inventory for Cisco SD-WAN Viptela devices using the Viptela library in the code?

A. from urllib.request import Viptela  
B. from viptela.devices import Viptela  
C. from viptela.viptela import Viptela  
D. from viptela.library import Viptela  

Question # 4

A programmer is creating a Maraki webhook Python script to send a massage to Webex Teams. Which two elements should be configured to create this script? (Choose two) 

A. gRPC credentials  
B. Webex Teams access token  
C. XML formatted request  
D. user authentication count  
E. webhook server secret  

Question # 5

What are two characteristics of RPC API calls? (Choose two.) 

A. They can be used only on network devices.  
B. They use only UDP for communications.  
C. Parameters can be passed to the calls.  
D. They must use SSL/TLS.  
E. They call a single function or service.  

Question # 6

FILL BLANK Fill in the blank to complete the statement. ___________________ is a solution for automating the configuration of a device when it is first powered on, using DHCP and TFTP.

Question # 7

When accessing the /device-detail endpoint in Cisco DNA Canter, what is an acceptable SearchBy parameter value?

A. platform type  
B. IP address  
C. software version  
D. MAC address  

Question # 8

When a Grafana dashboard is built to receive network events from Cisco DNA Center, which integration bundle is enabled to send notifications? 

A. Basic ITSM CMDB Synchronization  
B. DNA Center Rest API  
C. Network Events for REST API Endpoint  
D. Network Issue Monitor and Enrichment for ITSM  

Question # 9

Webhook that are generated by Cisco DNA Center are REST calls with which properties?

A. JSON payload delivered via PUT  
B. XML payload delivered via POST  
C. JSON payload delivered via POST  
D. XML payload delivered via PUT  

Question # 10

What is the purpose of using the Cisco SD-WAN vManage Certificate Management API? 

A. to generate a CSR  
B. to allocate resources to the certificate server  
C. to request a certificate from the certificate server  
D. to enable vManage Center