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Exam Code 300-820
Exam Name Implementing Cisco Collaboration Cloud and Edge Solutions (300-820 CLCEI)
Update Date 15 Apr, 2024
Total Questions 96 Questions Answers With Explanation

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Question # 1

When configuring a Cisco Expressway solution and need to design the dial plan with various rules for URIs and numbers coming through the device. To do so, it is important that some dial plan rules are applied in a certain order. When configuring the transform section, you must know the range of the priorities.Which range is correct?

A. any number in the drop-down menu
B. any number in the dialog box
C. any number between 1-128
D. any number between 1-65534 

Question # 2

What are two reasons why port 8443 is unreachable from the Internet to the ExpresswayE? (Choose two.) 

A. The MRA license is missing on the Expressway-E.
B. The Unified Communications zone is down.
C. Transform is not configured on Expressway-E.
D. The SRV record for _cisco-uds is misconfigured.
E. The firewall is blocking the port. 

Question # 3

A Jabber user is being prompted to trust the Expressway-E certificate when using Mobile and Remote Access. The administrator has validated that the Expressway-E certificate is being trusted by the machine running the Jabber client.What else can be done to solve this problem?

A. Create a new CSR with new information on the SAN field.
B. Include Cisco Unified Communications Manager registration domain in the ExpresswayE certificate as a SAN.
C. Change the domain name.
D. Change the FQDN of the Expressway

Question # 4

Which describes what could done on the Expressway-E to successfully route calls from Expressway-C on the internal network to the Internet?

A. Application layer gateway could be enabled to bridge the media traffic.
B. A static NAT route could be added to the firewall to bridge the two networks.
C. The Expressway-E could be enabled for Dual-NIC capability.
D. The Expressway-E could be enabled for interworking. 

Question # 5

When determining why Mobile and Remote Access to Cisco TelePresence equipment does not work anymore for an organization. There are several administrators and configuration changes could have happened without anyone knowing. Internal communication seems to be working, but no external system can register or call anywhere. Gathering symptoms, you also discover that no internal systems can call out either.What is TraversalZone missing that causes this issue?

A. link to the DefaultZone
B. pipe to the DefaultZone
C. SIP trunk to the DefaultZone
D. route pattern to the DefaultZone 

Question # 6

Which step is required when configuring cloud and hybrid deployments for Cisco Jabber?

A. Add the Jabber user to Cisco Unity Connection.
B. Add the Jabber user to Expressway-E.
C. Add the Jabber user to Expressway-C.
D. Add Jabber Users to the Cisco Webex Administration Tool. 

Question # 7

An engineer wants to configure a zone on the Expressway-E to receive communications from the Expressway-C in order to allow inbound and outbound calls. How is the peer address configured on the Expressway-C when Expressway-E has only one NIC enabled and is using static NAT mode?

A. Expressway-E FQDN
C. Expressway-E DHCP
D. Cisco UCM DHCP 

Question # 8

What is the purpose of a transform in the Expressway server?

A. A transform has the function as a neighbor zone in the Expressway. It creates a connection with another server.
B. A transform changes the audio codec when the call goes through the Expressway.
C. A transform is used to route calls to a destination.
D. A transform changes an alias that matches certain criteria into another alias. 

Question # 9

What it is the purpose of using ICE for Mobile and Remote Access endpoints in the Cisco Collaboration infrastructure?

A. ICE controls the bandwidth usage for Cisco Collaboration endpoints if the endpoints are located outside the company network.
B. ICE enables Cisco Collaboration endpoints to determine if there is direct connectivity between them.
C. ICE uses FAST updates to optimize the video quality in case of packet loss. This technology is available only from Cisco Unified CM version 11.5 and later.
D. ICE enablement allows for the Cisco Collaboration endpoint to register through Expressway servers to Cisco Unified Communications Manager behind a firewall. 

Question # 10

Which two statements about Expressway media traversal are true? (Choose two.)

A. Expressway Control is the traversal server installed in the DMZ.
B. The Expressway Edge must be put in a firewall DMZ segment.
C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager zone can be either traversal server or client.
D. The Unified Communications traversal zone can be used for Mobile and Remote Access.
E. Both Expressway Edge interfaces can be NATed.