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Update Date 21 Jun, 2024
Total Questions 452 Questions Answers With Explanation

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Question # 1

What is a characteristic of MVPN?

A. It bypasses the use of MPLS in the service provider core and transmits packets using IP only.   
B. It uses pseudowires to route unicast and broadcast traffic over either a service provider MPLS or IP core.   
C. It allows VRF traffic to use the service provider MPLS VPN to route multicast traffic.   
D. It creates GRE tunnels to route multicast traffic over a service provider IP core.   

Question # 2

A company is expanding its existing office space to a new floor of the building, and the networking team is installing a new set of switches. The new switches are running IGMPv2, and the engineers configured them for VLAN10 only. The rest of the existing network includes numerous Layer 2 switches in multiple other VLANs, all running IGMPv3. Which additional task must the team perform when deploying the new switches so that traffic is switched correctly through the entire network? 

A. Configure the new switches to use IGMPv3 on all VLANs on the network.   
B. Configure all switches on the network to support IGMPv2 and IGMPv3 on all VLANs on the network.  
C. Configure the new switches to use IGMPv3 on VLAN10 only.   
D. Configure all switches on the network to support IGMPv2 and IGMPv3 on VLAN10 only.   

Question # 3

How does Cisco DNA Center enhance network automation?

A. It allows network administrators to quickly deploy Cisco Layer 2 devices without requiring STP and  broadcast transport.
B. It allows network administrators to reduce inconsistencies when they deploy and validate network configurations.  
C. It allows network administrators to reduce the number of VRFs in a multi customer environment by automatically implementing a single VLAN per customer.  
D. It allows network administrators to combine voice and data networks into a single topology without manual configuration.   

Question # 4

A new PE router is configured to run OSPF as an IGP with LDP on all interfaces. The engineer is trying toprevent black holes after convergence when the PERSON device loses an LDP session with other PE routers.Which action must the engineer take to implement LDP session protection on a new PE router?

A. Configure the mpls ldp session protection and mpls label protocol ldp commands on the interfaces onthe new PE router that connect to the CENTER routers.
B. Configure the mpls ldp discovery targeted-hello accept and mpls ldp session protection commands onthe interfaces on the new PE router that connect to the CE routers.  
C. Configure the mpls ldp discovery targeted-hello accept and mpls ldp session protection commands onthe interfaces on the new PE router that connect to the CE routers.  
D. Configure the new PE router with the mpls ldp session protection command on interfaces with directlyconnected neighbors.

Question # 5

How does Inter-AS Option-A function when two PE routers in different autonomous systems are directly connected?

A. The two routers share all Inter-AS VPNv4 routes and redistribute routes within an IBGP session to provide end-to-end reach.  
B. The two routers establish an MP-EBGP session to share their customers' respective VPNv4 routes.   
C. The two routers treat one another as CE routers and advertise unlabeled IPv4 routes through an EBGP session.  
D. The two routers share VPNv4 routes over a multihop EBGP session and set up an Inter-AS tunnel using one another's label.  

Question # 6

An engineering team must implement Unified MPLS to scale an MPLS network. Devices in the core layer use different IGPs, so the team decided to split the network into different areas. The team plans to keep the MPLS services as they are and introduce greater scalability. Which additional action must the engineers take to implement the Unified MPLS?

A. Redistribute the IGP prefixes from one IGP into the other routers to ensure end-to-end LSPs.   
B. Configure the ABR routers as route reflectors that redistribute IGP into BGP.   
C. Redistribute the IGP prefixes into another IGP to ensure end-to-end LSPs.   
D. Move the IGP prefixes into IS-IS as the loopback prefixes of the PE routers to distribute the prefixes to other routers to create end-to-end LSPs.   

Question # 7

How does SR policy operate in Segment Routing Traffic Engineering? 

A. An SR policy for color and endpoint is deactivated at the headend as soon as the headend learns a valid candidate path for the policy.   
B. When "invalidation drop" behavior occurs, the SR policy forwarding entry is removed and the router drops all traffic that is steered into the SR policy.  
C. When a set of SID lists is associated with the SR policy designated path, traffic steering is ECMP-based according to the qualified cost of each SID-list.  
D. An active SR policy installs a BSID-keyed entry in the forwarding table to steer the packets that match the entry to the SR policy SID-list.  

Question # 8

What is a characteristic of the YANG model? 

A. Associate types are optional for each leaf.   
B. It uses containers to categorize related nodes.   
C. It is a distributed model of nodes.   
D. Spines are used to represent individual attributes of nodes.   

Question # 9

What is the function of Cisco NFV infrastructure platform? 

A. It does not have a security audit feature.   
B. It does not offer high availability.    
C. It offers consistent performance.   
D. It offers decentralized logging.   

Question # 10

A customer has requested that the service provider use a Cisco MPLS TE tunnel to force the E-line service to take a specific route What is used to send the traffic over the tunnel? 

A. static route   
B. preferred path   
C. forwarding adjacency   
D. autoroute destination