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Exam Code 350-701
Exam Name Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies (SCOR 350-701)
Update Date 15 Apr, 2024
Total Questions 599 Questions Answers With Explanation

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Question # 1

What provides total management for mobile and PC including managing inventory and device tracking, remote view, and live troubleshooting using the included native remote desktop support? 

A. mobile device management 
B. mobile content management 
C. mobile application management 
D. mobile access management

Question # 2

Which two commands are required when configuring a flow-export action on a Cisco ASA? (Choose two.)

A. flow-export event-type 
B. policy-map 
C. access-list 
D. flow-export template timeout-rate 15 
E. access-group 

Question # 3

Which characteristic is unique to a Cisco WSAv as compared to a physical appliance?

A. supports VMware vMotion on VMware ESXi B. requires an additional license C. performs transparent redirection D. supports SSL decryption
A. supports VMware vMotion on VMware ESXi 
B. requires an additional license 
C. performs transparent redirection 
D. supports SSL decryption

Question # 4

What is the most commonly used protocol for network telemetry?

D. NctFlow 

Question # 5

A network security engineer must export packet captures from the Cisco FMC web browser while troubleshooting an issue. When navigating to the address https:///capure/CAPI/pcap/test.pcap, an error 403: Forbidden is given instead of the PCAP file. Which action must the engineer take to resolve this issue?

A. Disable the proxy setting on the browser
 B. Disable the HTTPS server and use HTTP instead 
C. Use the Cisco FTD IP address as the proxy server setting on the browser 
D. Enable the HTTPS server for the device platform policy 

Question # 6

What is a functional difference between Cisco AMP for Endpoints and Cisco Umbrella Roaming Client? 

A. The Umbrella Roaming client stops and tracks malicious activity on hosts, and AMP for Endpoints tracks only URL-based threats. 
B. The Umbrella Roaming Client authenticates users and provides segmentation, and AMP for Endpoints allows only for VPN connectivity 
C. AMP for Endpoints authenticates users and provides segmentation, and the Umbrella Roaming Client allows only for VPN connectivity. 
D. AMP for Endpoints stops and tracks malicious activity on hosts, and the Umbrella Roaming Client tracks only URL-based threats. 

Question # 7

An engineer is configuring Dropbox integration with Cisco Cloudlock. Which action must be taken before granting API access in the Dropbox admin console? 

A. Authorize Dropbox within the Platform settings in the Cisco Cloudlock portal. 
B. Add Dropbox to the Cisco Cloudlock Authentication and API section in the Cisco Cloudlock portal.
 C. Send an API request to Cisco Cloudlock from Dropbox admin portal. 
D. Add Cisco Cloudlock to the Dropbox admin portal. 

Question # 8

Which API method and required attribute are used to add a device into Cisco DNA Center with the native API? 

A. GET and serialNumber
 B. userSudiSerlalNos and deviceInfo 
C. POST and name 
D. lastSyncTime and pid 

Question # 9

What does endpoint isolation in Cisco AMP for Endpoints security protect from?

A. an infection spreading across the network E 
B. a malware spreading across the user device 
C. an infection spreading across the LDAP or Active Directory domain from a user account 
D. a malware spreading across the LDAP or Active Directory domain from a user account

Question # 10

What are two benefits of using an MDM solution? (Choose two.)

A. grants administrators a way to remotely wipe a lost or stolen device 
B. provides simple and streamlined login experience for multiple applications and users 
C. native integration that helps secure applications across multiple cloud platforms or onpremises environments 
D. encrypts data that is stored on endpoints 
E. allows for centralized management of endpoint device applications and configurations