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Exam Code 350-901
Exam Name Developing Applications using Cisco Core Platforms and APIs (DEVCOR)
Update Date 22 Jul, 2024
Total Questions 363 Questions Answers With Explanation

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Question # 1

An architect must optimize traffic that targets a popular API endpoint Currently, theapplication downloads a large file hourly, but often the file is unchanged and the downloadcauses unnecessary load and delays Which cURL command must be used to determinethe last modified date of the file and to optimize the API usage?

A. curl GET request
B. curl HEAD request
C. curl --silent request
D. curl -H 'Cache-Control: no-cache' request

Question # 2

A developer deploys a web application in a local data center that is now experiencing hightraffic load from users accessing data through REST API calls. Which approach enhancesthe responsiveness and performance of the API?

A. Use HTTP POST or other non-read methods for read requests when possible
B. Ensure that all read requests are clearly identified by the PUT method
C. Configure API payload to return errors in HTTP 200 responses
D. Use HTTP standard authorization header to submit authentication credentials

Question # 3

Which scenario is an example of the pseudonymization of sensitive data that meets GDPRrequirements? 

A. encrypting sensitive data at rest by using native cloud services and data in transit byusing SSL/TLS transport
B. implementing XFowarded For at the frontend of a web app to enable the source IPaddresses of headers to change
C. leveraging an application load balancer at the frontend of a web app for SSL/TLSdecryption to inspect data in transit 
D. separating the sensitive data into its own dedicated secured data store and using tokensin its place

Question # 4

Which command is used 10 enable application hosting on a Cisco IOS XE device?

A. iox
B. iox-service
C. application -honing
D. app- hosting

Question # 5

What is the result of a successful OAuth2 authorization grant flow?

A. The user has the application rights that correspond to the user's role within theapplication's database
B. The application is provided with a token that allows actions on services on the user'sbehalf
C. The user has administrative rights to the application's backend services
D. The third-party service is provided with a token that allows actions to be performed

Question # 6

Which security approach should be used for developing a REST API? 

A. Use custom security relevant HTTP response codes
B. Utilise TLS for end to end encryption 
C. Add an API key to each URL string
D. Utilize CORS headers

Question # 7

A Cisco Catalyst 9000 switch has guest shell enabled. Which Linux command installs athird-party application?

A. yum Install <package-name>
B. apt-get install <package-name>
C. zypper install <package-name>
D. dnf install <package-name>

Question # 8

A timeframe custom dashboard must be developed to present data collected from CiscoMeraki. The dashboard must include a wireless health alert count. What needs to be builtas a prerequisite?

A. A publicly available HTTP server to receive Meraki Webhooks from the MerakiDashboard API 
B. A publicly available HTTP server to receive Meraki Webhooks from the Meraki ScanningAPI 
C. A daemon to consume the Wireless Health endpoint of the Meraki Scanning API
D. A daemon to consume the Wireless Health endpoint of the Meraki Dashboard API

Question # 9

A developer wants to automate virtual infrastructure to provision and manage it. Thesystem will be implemented m large-scale deployment while offering redundancy andscalability with ease of management The solution must meet these requirements:• Support the provisioning of up to 500 new virtual machines into private datacenters or thepublic cloud• Support the modeling of a complex environment that consists of multiple virtual machineswhile supporting disaster recovery• Maintain steady-state environmentsWhich configuration management solution must the developer use?

A. Puppet
B. Terraform
C. Docker
D. Arable

Question # 10

Which OAuth mechanism enables clients to continue to have an active access tokenwithout further interaction from the user?

B. password grant 
C. refresh grant 
D. preshared key