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Exam Code PT0-002
Exam Name CompTIA PenTest+ Certification Exam
Update Date 21 Jun, 2024
Total Questions 278 Questions Answers With Explanation

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What is PT0-002 exam?

The answer is that (PT0-002) is known as CompTIA PenTest+ certification and it is one of the intermediate-level CompTIA courses specialized for cybersecurity professionals dealing with vulnerability management and penetration testing. When compared to other CompTIA courses, this certification exam is thought to be among the most difficult.

Who should take the (PT0-002) exam?

The answer is that getting certified as a CompTIA PenTest+ might be a great step towards your career as a:

  • Professional in defensive cybersecurity
  • Penetration tester with a focus on network security experts
  • Experts in vulnerability assessments
  • Any role with a security domain level of intermediate or higher
  • App security vulnerability testers or security analysts

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Question # 1

A penetration-testing team needs to test the security of electronic records in a company's office. Per the terms of engagement, the penetration test is to be conducted after hours and should not include circumventing the alarm or performing destructive entry. During outside reconnaissance, the team sees an open door from an adjoining building. Which of the following would be allowed under the terms of the engagement? 

A. Prying the lock open on the records room 
B. Climbing in an open window of the adjoining building 
C. Presenting a false employee ID to the night guard 
D. Obstructing the motion sensors in the hallway of the records room 

Question # 2

A penetration tester received a .pcap file to look for credentials to use in an engagement. Which of the following tools should the tester utilize to open and read the .pcap file?

A. Nmap 
B. Wireshark 
C. Metasploit 
D. Netcat 

Question # 3

Which of the following types of assessments MOST likely focuses on vulnerabilities with the objective to access specific data? 

A. An unknown-environment assessment 
B. A known-environment assessment 
C. A red-team assessment 
D. A compliance-based assessment 

Question # 4

Running a vulnerability scanner on a hybrid network segment that includes general IT servers and industrial control systems: 

A. will reveal vulnerabilities in the Modbus protocol. 
B. may cause unintended failures in control systems. 
C. may reduce the true positive rate of findings. 
D. will create a denial-of-service condition on the IP networks. 

Question # 5

A company recruited a penetration tester to configure wireless IDS over the network. Which of the following tools would BEST test the effectiveness of the wireless IDS solutions? 

A. Aircrack-ng 
B. Wireshark 
C. Wifite 
D. Kismet 

Question # 6

During the scoping phase of an assessment, a client requested that any remote code exploits discovered during testing would be reported immediately so the vulnerability could be fixed as soon as possible. The penetration tester did not agree with this request, and after testing began, the tester discovered a vulnerability and gained internal access to the system. Additionally, this scenario led to a loss of confidential credit card data and a hole in the system. At the end of the test, the penetration tester willfully failed to report this information and left the vulnerability in place. A few months later, the client was breached and credit card data was stolen. After being notified about the breach, which of the following steps should the company take NEXT? 

A. Deny that the vulnerability existed 
B. Investigate the penetration tester.
 C. Accept that the client was right. 
D. Fire the penetration tester. 

Question # 7

When planning a penetration-testing effort, clearly expressing the rules surrounding the optimal time of day for test execution is important because: 

A. security compliance regulations or laws may be violated. 
B. testing can make detecting actual APT more challenging. 
C. testing adds to the workload of defensive cyber- and threat-hunting teams. 
D. business and network operations may be impacted. 

Question # 8

Which of the following would assist a penetration tester the MOST when evaluating the susceptibility of top-level executives to social engineering attacks? 

A. Scraping social media for personal details 
B. Registering domain names that are similar to the target company's
 C. Identifying technical contacts at the company 
D. Crawling the company's website for company information 

Question # 9

A penetration tester is examining a Class C network to identify active systems quickly. Which of the following commands should the penetration tester use? 

A. nmap sn 
B. nmap sn 
C. nmap sn 
D. nmap sN 

Question # 10

A penetration tester found the following valid URL while doing a manual assessment of a web application: http://www.example.com/product.php?id=123987. Which of the following automated tools would be best to use NEXT to try to identify a vulnerability in this URL? 

A. SQLmap 
B. Nessus 
C. Nikto 
D. DirBuster