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Exam Code AZ-204
Exam Name Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure
Update Date 20 May, 2024
Total Questions 300 Questions Answers With Explanation

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Question # 1

You need to authenticate the user to the corporate website as indicated by the architectural diagram.Which two values should you use? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point. 

A. ID token signature
B. ID token claims 
C. HTTP response code
D. Azure AD endpoint URI 
E. Azure AD tenant ID

Question # 2

You need to investigate the Azure Function app error message in the development environment.What should you do?

A. Connect Live Metrics Stream from Application Insights to the Azure Function app and filter the metrics. 
B. Create a new Azure Log Analytics workspace and instrument the Azure Function app with Application Insights
C. Update the Azure Function app with extension methods from Microsoft.Extensions.Logging to log events by using the log instance. 
D. Add a new diagnostic setting to the Azure Function app to send logs to Log Analytics. 

Question # 3

You need to correct the RequestUserApproval Function app error.What should you do?

A. Update line RA13 to use the async keyword and return an HttpRequest object value. 
B. Configure the Function app to use an App Service hosting plan. Enable the Always On setting of the hosting plan. 
C. Update the function to be stateful by using Durable Functions to process the request payload.
D. Update the functionTimeout property of the host.json project file to 15 minutes. 

Question # 4

You are developing a Java application that uses Cassandra to store key and value data. You plan to use a new Azure Cosmos DB resource and the Cassandra API in the application. You create an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) group named Cosmos DB Creators to enable provisioning of Azure Cosmos accounts, databases, and containers. The Azure AD group must not be able to access the keys that are required to access the data. You need to restrict access to the Azure AD group. Which role-based access control should you use?

A. DocumentDB Accounts Contributor
B. Cosmos Backup Operator 
C. Cosmos DB Operator
D. Cosmos DB Account Reader 

Question # 5

You develop a solution that uses Azure Virtual Machines (VMs). The VMs contain code that must access resources in an Azure resource group. You grant the VM access to the resource group in Resource Manager. You need to obtain an access token that uses the VMs system-assigned managed identity. Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. 

A. Use PowerShell on a remote machine to make a request to the local managed identity for Azure resources endpoint. 
B. Use PowerShell on the VM to make a request to the local managed identity for Azureresources endpoint. 
C. From the code on the VM. call Azure Resource Manager using an access token. 
D. From the code on the VM. call Azure Resource Manager using a SAS token. 
E. From the code on the VM. generate a user delegation SAS token.

Question # 6

You develop and add several functions to an Azure Function app that uses the latestruntime host. The functions contain several REST API endpoints secured by using SSL.The Azure Function app runs in a Consumption plan.You must send an alert when any of the function endpoints are unavailable or respondingtoo slowly.You need to monitor the availability and responsiveness of the functions.What should you do?

A. Create a URL ping test. 
B. Create a timer triggered function that calls TrackAvailability() and send the results to Application Insights.
C. Create a timer triggered function that calls GetMetric("Request Size") and send the results to
C. Create a timer triggered function that calls GetMetric("Request Size") and send the results to Application Insights. 
D. Add a new diagnostic setting to the Azure Function app. Enable the FunctionAppLogs and Send to Log Analytics options. 

Question # 7

You develop and deploy an Azure App Service web app named App1. You create a new Azure Key Vault named Vault 1. You import several API keys, passwords, certificates, and cryptographic keys into Vault1.You need to grant App1 access to Vault1 and automatically rotate credentials Credentials must not be stored in code. What should you do?  

A. Enable App Service authentication for Appt. Assign a custom RBAC role to Vault1. 
B. Add a TLS/SSL binding to App1. 
C. Assign a managed identity to App1. 
D. Upload a self-signed client certificate to Vault1. Update App1 to use the client certificate. 

Question # 8

You are developing a web application that runs as an Azure Web App. The web application stores data in Azure SQL Database and stores files in an Azure Storage account. The web application makes HTTP requests to external services as part of normal operations. The web application is instrumented with Application Insights. The external services are OpenTelemetry compliant. You need to ensure that the customer ID of the signed in user is associated with all operations throughout the overall system. What should you do?

A. Create a new SpanContext with the TraceRags value set to the customer ID for the signed in user. 
B. On the current SpanContext, set the Traceld to the customer ID for the signed in user. 
C. Add the customer ID for the signed in user to the CorrelationContext in the web application. 
D. Set the header Ocp-Apim-Trace to the customer ID for the signed in user. 

Question # 9

An organization hosts web apps in Azure. The organization uses Azure Monitor You discover that configuration changes were made to some of the web apps. You need to identify the configuration changes. Which Azure Monitor log should you review?

A. AppServiceEnvironmentPlatformLogs
B. AppServiceApplogs 
C. AppServiceAuditLogs 
D. AppServiceConsoteLogs 

Question # 10

You develop Azure solutions.You must connect to a No-SQL globally-distributed database by using the .NET API.You need to create an object to configure and execute requests in the database.Which code segment should you use?

A. new Container(EndpointUri, PrimaryKey);
B. new Database(Endpoint, PrimaryKey); 
C. new CosmosClient(EndpointUri, PrimaryKey);