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Exam Code DP-900
Exam Name Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals
Update Date 20 May, 2024
Total Questions 209 Questions Answers With Explanation

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Question # 1

You need to store data by using Azure Table storage.What should you create first?  

A. an Azure Cosmos DB instance 
B. a storage account
C. a blob container 
D. a table

Question # 2

You need to perform hybrid transactional and analytical processing (HTAP) queries against Azure Cosmos DB data sources by using Azure Synapse Analytics.What should you use?  

A. Synapse pipelines
B. a Synapse SQL pool
C. Synapse Link 
D. Synapse Studio 

Question # 3

Which statement is an example of Data Manipulation Language (DML)?


Question # 4

Which two activities can be performed entirely by using the Microsoft Power BI service? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. (Choose two.) NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

A. report and dashboard creation 
B. report sharing and distribution 
C. data modeling
D. data acquisition and preparation 

Question # 5

Which storage solution supports access control lists (ACLs) at the file and folder level?

A. Azure Data Lake Storage 
B. Azure Cosmos DB 
C. Azure Queue storage 
D. Azure Blob storage 

Question # 6

Which property of a transactional workload guarantees that each transaction is treated as a single unit that either succeeds completely or fails completely? 

A. isolation 
B. durability 
C. consistency
D. atomicity 

Question # 7

You have an application that runs on Windows and requires access to a mapped drive. Which Azure service should you use?

A. Azure Files 
B. Azure Blob storage 
C. Azure Cosmos DB 
D. Azure Table storage

Question # 8

A bank has a system that manages financial transactions.When transferring money between accounts, the system must never retrieve a value for the source account that reflects the balance before the transfer and a value for the destination account that reflects the balance after the transfer.Of which ACID semantic is this an example? 

A. atomicity
B. isolation
C. durability
D. consistency

Question # 9

You need to store event log data that is semi-structured and received as the logs occur. What should you use? 

A. Azure Table storage 
B. Azure Queue storage 
C. Azure Files

Question # 10

Which component of Azure Data Factory enables you to define a sequence of activities including for each iterators? 

A. control flow
B. linked services 
C. datasets
D. the integration runtime