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Exam Code 1z0-083
Exam Name Oracle Database Administration II
Update Date 21 Jun, 2024
Total Questions 282 Questions Answers With Explanation

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Your journey towards (1Z0-083) certification:

Before taking 1z0-083 exam following detailed information about Oracle Database Administration certification will helps our clients a lot:

  • The Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) certification path includes the 1Z0-083 exam. First, candidates usually attempt the 1Z0-083 test after passing the 1Z0-082 exam (Oracle Database Administration I) and earning the Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) credential by passing the 1Z0-071 exam (Oracle Database SQL).
  • The Oracle Database Administration 2019 Certified Professional credential requires passing the 1Z0-083 certification exam. This examination measures a candidate's proficiency in installation, configuration, administration, performance monitoring, and troubleshooting of Oracle Database 19c settings.
  • Multiple-choice questions are a common format for exams. It is essential to verify the most recent details on Oracle's official certification website as the quantity of questions and the passing score are subject to modification.
  • Oracle database architecture, backup and recovery, data guard, performance management, database security and multitenant architecture these are the main topic included in your exam.
  • Main benefits of 1z0-083 includes acknowledgment of profession professional growth, high pay job, promotion and validation of skills.

Following are eligible for 1z0-083 certification exam:

  • Candidates must to have a firm grasp of the duties involved in database administration. Generally speaking, it is advised to have at least six to twelve months of Oracle Database expertise.
  • Candidates must be familiarity with the design, setup, and administration of Oracle databases and having knowledge of the backup and recovery procedures for Oracle databases.
  • Student must be familiarity with Oracle Database optimization and performance tweaking and familiarity with user administration and security in Oracle databases. proficiency with the programming languages PL/SQL and SQL.

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Question # 1

Choose two. Which two are true about monitoring waits for sessions and services? 

A. V$SERVICE_EVENT displays wait counts for every wait event for each service even including counts of zero for waits that never occurred.
 B. V$SESSION_WAIT and V$SESSION both contain details of the event on which a nonwaiting session last waited. 
C. V$SESSION_WAIT and V$SESSION both contain details of the event on which a waiting session is currently waiting. 
D. V$SESSION_EVENT displays all waits events for those events that have occurred at least once for sessions that have now terminated.
E. V$SESSION_WAIT_CLASS displays waits broken down by wait class only for terminated sessions. 

Question # 2

Choose the best answer. Examine this configuration: 1. CDB1 is a container database. 2. APP_ROOT is an application root in CDB1. 3. APP_PDB1 is an application PDB in APP_ROOT. 4. FLASHBACK DATABASE is ON. You execute these commands: $ sqlplus sys/orac1e_4U@localhost:1521/cdb1 SQL> SELECT current_scn FROM v$database; CURRENT_SCN -----------------------2074756 SQL> CREATE TABLE cdb1_tab(c1 NUMBER) ; Table created. SQL> ALTER SESSION SET CONTAINER=app_root; Session altered. SQL> CREATE TABLE app_root_tab (c1 NUMBER) ; Table created. SQL> ALTER SESSION SET CONTAINER=app_pdb1; Session altered. SQL> CREATE TABLE app_pdb1_tab (c1 NUMBER) ; Table created. SQL> conn / as sysdba Connected. SQL> ALTER PLUGGABLE DATABASE app_root CLOSE; Pluggable database altered. SQL> FLASHBACK PLUGGABLE DATABASE app_root TO SCN 2074756; Flashback complete. Which table or set of tables will exist after the Flashback operation has completed? 

D. CDB1_TAB only 
E. none of the tables, because all three tables will be dropped 

Question # 3

Choose the best answer. How do you configure a CDB for local undo mode? 

A. Open the CDB instance in restricted mode. In CDB$ROOT, drop the UNDO tablespace. Execute ALTER DATABASE LOCAL UNDO ON in each PDB, and then restart the CDB instance. 
B. Open the CDB instance in upgrade mode. In CDB$ROOT, execute ALTER DATABASE LOCAL UNDO ON, and then restart the CDB instance. 
C. Open the CDB instance in upgrade mode. In each PDB, execute ALTER DATABASE LOCAL UNDO ON, create an UNDO tablespace, and then restart the CDB instance. 
D. Open the CDB instance in restricted mode. In CDB$ROOT, execute ALTER DATABASE LOCAL UNDO ON. create an UNDO tablespace in each PDB, and then restart the CDB instance. 
E. Open the CDB in read-only mode. In CDB$ROOT, execute ALTER DATABASE LOCAL UNDO ON, and then change the CDB to read/write mode. 

Question # 4

Examine the query and its output executed In an RDBMS Instance: Which three statements are true about the users (other than sys) in the output?

A. TheC# # B_ADMIN user can perform all back up and recovery operation susing RMAN only. 
B. The C # # C_ADMIN user can perform the data guard operation with Data Guard Broker. 
C. The C # # A_ADMIN user can perform wallet operations. 
D. The C # # D_ADMIN user can perform backup and recovery operations for Automatic Storage Management (ASM). 
E. The C # # B_ADMIN user can perform all backup and recovery operations using RMAN or SQL* Plus. 

Question # 5

choose three Which three are true about unified auditing in full mode? 

A. The unified audit trail is written to a read-only table. 
B. The unified audit trail is written to a read-only external file. 
C. Audit records are created for COMMIT, ROLLBACK, and SAVEPOINT statements. 
D. Audit records are created for SYS. 
E. Audit records are created for non-sys users. 

Question # 6

Your production database is running in archivelog mode. You use RMAN with a recovery catalog to back up your database to media and the database is uniquely identified in the recovery catalog. You want to create a test database from the production database and allow the production database to remain open during the duplicate process. You restore the database backups to a new host with the same directory structure as the production database and want to use the recovery catalog for future backups after the database is successfully restored to the new host. How would you achieve this? 

A. by using the RMAN switch command to set the new location for the data files
 B. by using the RMAN duplicate command with nofilenamecheck to recover the database to the new host 
C. by using the RMAN duplicate command with dbid and set new name for tablespace to recover the database to the new host 
D. by creating a new database in the new host, and then using the RMAN recover command 

Question # 7

Choose two. Which two are true about PDB archive files? 

A. DBMS_PDB.CHECK_PLUG_COMPATIBILITY can be run against a PDB archive. 
B. They contain a PDB manifest file and all the data files in uncompressed form for a PDB. 
C. They contain all the data files only in uncompressed form for a PDB. 
D. They must be created using the DBMS_PDB package. 
E. They contain a PDB manifest file and all the data files in compressed form for a PDB. 
F. They contain all the data files only in compressed form for a PDB. 

Question # 8

choose two You take your database backups by using the RMAN media management interface (MMI). Which two are true about the use of the RMAN MMI? 

A. You can 
B. You can 
C. You can 
D. You can 
E. You can 

Question # 9

In one of your databases, unified auditing is enabled and an SH.SALES table exists. You successfully execute these commands: SQL> CREATE AUDIT POLICY sales_pol ACTIONS select on sh.sales; SQL> AUDIT POLICY sales_pol; Which statement is true about SALES_POL? 

A. It is enabled for all users having SELECT privilege on SH.SALES. 
B. Only successful queries of SH.SALES are written to the audit trail. 
C. It is only enabled for user SH. 
D. Audit records are always stored in an external audit file. 

Question # 10

You plan to create a database by using the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA), with t he following specifications: Applications will connect to the database via a middle tier. The number of concurrent user connections will be high. The database will have mixed workload, with t he execution of complex BI queries scheduled at night. Which DBCA option must you choose to create the database? 

A. a General Purpose database template with default memory allocation 
B. a Data Warehouse database template, with t he dedicated server mode option and AMM enabled 
C. a General Purpose database template, with t he shared server mode option and Automatic Memory Management (AMM) enabled 
D. a default database configuration