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Question # 1

Midway through the execution of an agile project, there is a shift in the strategic objectives at the organization level to promote digital transformation. What should the project manager do next? 

A. Prepare a user story to handle the change and assign it to the next iteration. 
B. Escalate to the product owner and cancel the upcoming iterations. 
C. Update the risk-prioritized backlog with the strategic change. 
D. Schedule a meeting with the team to assess the impact of the change. 

Question # 2

All project team members refer to the project manager for various decisions. This causes delays for some tasks, as the project manager is usually preoccupied in meetings throughout the day. What should the project manager do to prevent these delays? 

A. Review the Pareto diagram to identify the source of delays. 
B. Meet with the team in 2 weeks to respond to all of the open tasks.
 C. Consolidate the decision-making authority to remain with the project manager. 
D. Delegate the decision-making authority of some tasks to the team.

Question # 3

A project team member is sick and will not be able to return to the project for a few weeks. During the daily meeting, the team shares their concerns as the sick team member was the only one skilled in the component they were developing. What should the project manager have done to prevent this? 

A. Requested robust documentation for the component's build. 
B. Outsourced development of the specific component to another team. 
C. Acquired more than one resource skilled in each component. 
D. Facilitated cross-functional knowledge transfer during the project. 

Question # 4

A project has completed design activities ahead of schedule. Suddenly, the project manager is informed by a vendor that a deliverable may not meet the agreed delivery time frame due to a resource shortage. The internal team asked if they should continue to deliver as per the schedule. What should the project manager do? 

A. Discuss with the team the need for longer hours to minimize the impact. 
B. Inform the project team that they may proceed at a more relaxed pace. 
C. Inform the project team that some of them will work for the vendor. 
D. Discuss with the project team alternative options to deliver as planned.

Question # 5

In an agile project, the team decided to have a rotating group of facilitators for the daily scrum. Overall, most of the facilitators have grown and done well in this role; however, a few of them tend to run inefficient daily scrums. What should the project manager do next?

 A. Retrain all team members on daily scrum facilitation to ensure there is consistency in the approach. 
B. Ask the facilitators who are doing well to continue and recommend that the others stop facilitating. 
C. Praise the team for self-organizing and growing, then work one-on-one with the facilitators, as needed. 
D. Return to using the scrum master as the facilitator for the daily scrums now that the trial period is over. 

Question # 6

During project implementation, one team finds out that a key project deliverable was not budgeted. What should the project manager do first? 

A. Escalate the issue to the project sponsor for resolution. 
B. Meet with the team to discuss alternatives. 
C. Hold the team accountable and ask for an immediate solution. 
D. Remove the deliverable from the project scope. 

Question # 7

During the execution of a construction project, one of the neighboring businesses is complaining that the current building height does not agree with the initial project plans. What should the project manager do first? 

A. Ask the neighbor to leave the site immediately because the site is on private property. 
B. Inform the neighbor that all of the project documentation has been approved. 
C. Inform the neighbor that the complaint will be escalated to the project sponsor. 
D. Ask the neighbor to submit a formal complaint about their concerns. 

Question # 8

An experienced project manager is leading an enthusiastic team but realizes the team lacks the experience to complete the job successfully. What should the project manager do to reduce the risk of project failure? 

A. Ask the sponsor to add experienced professionals to the team. 
B. Assign a dedicated resource to check the quality of each deliverable. 
C. Approve the appropriate training program for team members. 
D. Provide team members with the necessary coaching and mentoring. 

Question # 9

A project manager is in the process of closing out a project and has been asked by the project management office (PMO) to confirm that the transfer of knowledge to the operations team for support operations has been successfully completed. Which technique should the project manager apply to verify the knowledge transfer?

 A. Brainstorming 
B. Meetings 
C. Regression analysis 
D. Expert judgment

Question # 10

A project manager works for an organization that intends to begin using agile delivery, but there is a lack of support from some business units. The project manager needs to address the lack of trust in agile. What should the project manager recommend? 

A. Implement and establish an agile framework for the project. 
B. Hire a team of contractors for agile project delivery. 
C. Define detailed work instructions for agile project delivery. 
D. Negotiate special arrangements for an agile pilot project.