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Exam Code EX200
Exam Name Red Hat Certified System Administrator - RHCSA (8.2)
Update Date 20 May, 2024
Total Questions 136 Questions Answers With Explanation

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Question # 1

Part 1 (on Node1 Server) Task 8 [Managing Local Users and Groups] Create a user fred with a user ID 3945. Give the password as iamredhatman

Question # 2

Part 1 (on Node1 Server)Task 7 [Accessing Linux File Systems]Find all the files owned by user natasha and redirect the output to /home/alex/files.Find all files that are larger than 5MiB in the /etc directory and copy them to /find/largefiles.

Question # 3

Part 1 (on Node1 Server) Task 14 [Managing SELinux Security] You will configure a web server running on your system serving content using a nonstandard port (82)

Question # 4

Part 1 (on Node1 Server) Task 9 [Managing Files from the Command Line] Search the string nologin in the /etc/passwd file and save the output in /root/strings

Question # 5

Part 1 (on Node1 Server) Task 5 [Controlling Access to Files with ACLs] Copy the file /etc/fstab to /var/tmp. Configure the following permissions on /var/tmp/fstab. The file /var/tmp/fstab is owned by root user The file /var/tmp/fstab is belongs to the root group The file /var/tmp/fstab should be executable by anyone The user harry is able to read and write on /var/tmp/fstab The user natasha can neither read or write on /var/tmp/fstab All other users (Current or future) have the ability to read /var/tmp/fstab

Question # 6

Add 3 users: harry, natasha, tom. The requirements: The Additional group of the two users: harry, Natasha is the admin group. The user: tom's login shell should be non-interactive.

Question # 7

Part 1 (on Node1 Server) Task 12 [Accessing Network-Attached Storage] Configure autofs to automount the home directories of user remoteuserX. Note the following: utility.domain15.example.com(, NFS-exports /netdir to your system, where user is remoteuserX where X is your domain number remoteuserX home directory is utility.domain15.example.com:/netdir/remoteuserX remoteuserX home directory should be auto mounted locally at /netdir as /netdir/remoteuserX Home directories must be writable by their users while you are able to login as any of the remoteuserX only home directory that is accessible from your system

Question # 8

Part 1 (on Node1 Server) Task 3 [Managing Local Users and Groups] Create the following users, groups and group memberships: A group named sharegrp A user harry who belongs to sharegrp as a secondary group A user natasha who also belongs to sharegrp as a secondary group A user copper who does not have access to an interactive shell on the system and who is not a member of sharegrp. harry, natasha and copper should have the password redhat

Question # 9

Part 1 (on Node1 Server) Task 1 [Managing Networking] Please create new network connection with existing interface (enp1s0) using provided values: IPv4: 172.25.X.10/ (where X is your domain number: Domain15) Gateway: 172.25.X.2 DNS server: 172.25.X.2 Add the following secondary IP addresses statically to your current running connection. Do this in a way that does not compromise your existing settings: IPv4: and set the hostname node1.domain15.example.com

Question # 10

Create a Shared Directory.Create a shared directory /home/admins, make it has the following characteristics:/home/admins belongs to group adminuserThis directory can be read and written by members of group adminuser Any files created in/home/ admin, group automatically set as adminuser.