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Exam Code ADM-201
Exam Name Salesforce Certified Administrator (WI24)
Update Date 21 Jun, 2024
Total Questions 248 Questions Answers With Explanation

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What is ADM-201 exam?

A certification test for those looking to prove their proficiency in Salesforce administration is the ADM-201 exam, commonly referred to as the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam. By addressing the foundations of the platform, this certification verifies the applicant's expertise in configuring and managing Salesforce.

What are the highlighting topics that include in ADM-201 certification exam syllabus?

There are many topics in the ADM-201 exam some of the main topics are: Configuring Users, Organizations, Security, Access Applications for Sales and Marketing, Service and Support, Collaboration and Activity Management, Standard and Custom Objects, Analytics Reports and Dashboards, Data Management Process/Workflow Automation, AppExchange and Desktop and Mobile Administration

What is the area of expertise for ADM-201 exam?

It is essential that candidates possess practical expertise in managing and customizing Salesforce applications. Ideally, they should have worked as Salesforce administrators for a minimum of six months to a year.

What is the domain of knowledge for ADM-201 exam?

  • User control
  • Protection and Availability
  • Both common and unique objects
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Automation and Workflow
  • Exchange and management data or apps

What is the area of eligibility of taking ADM-201 exam?

Although there are no hard eligibility requirements, you will be well-prepared for the ADM-201 test if you have some practical Salesforce experience and are familiar with its main features and functionalities.

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Question # 1

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to encourage employees to choose secure and appropriatepasswords for their Salesforce accounts.Whichthree password policies should an administrator configure?Choose 3 answers

A. Maximum invalid login attempts
B. Prohibited password values
C. Require use of Password Manager App
D. Password complexity requirements
E. Number of days until expiration

Question # 2

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to know the average stage duration for all closedOpportunities.How should an administrator support this request?

A. Use process builder to capture the daily average on each opportunity.
B. Add Formula Fields to track Stages on each Opportunity.
C. Run the Opportunity Stage Duration report.
D. Refresh weekly reporting snapshots for Closed Opportunities.

Question # 3

Sales managers would like to know what could beimplemented to surface important valuesbased on the stage of the opportunity.Which tool should an administrator use to meet this requirement?

A. Opportunity Processes
B. Dynamic Forms
C. Path Key fields
D. Workflow Rules

Question # 4

The Support team at Ursa Major Solar prefers using split list views on the case homepage.Occasionally, the team views shipments from another support application.What should the administrator configure to allow the team to use the split list view?

A. Filter by a single shipment record type in the list view.
B. Include the Shipments tab on the app's navigation bar.
C. Split views are only available on standard objects.
D. Add the Manage List Views permission for support users.

Question # 5

Users at Dreamhouse Reality are only allowed to see opportunities they own. Leadershipwantsanenterprise- wide dashboard of all open opportunities in the pipeline so that users can seehow thecompany is performing at any point in time.How should an administrator create the dashboard without changing any sharing setting?

A. Update the dashboard to folder settings to manager for the sales reps role.
B. Add a filter to the dashboard to filter the opportunities by owner role.
C. Build individual dashboards for profiles that need to see the enterprise results.
D. Create a dashboard with the running User set as someone who can see allOpportunities

Question # 6

Northern Trail Outfitters wants toinitiate expense reports from Salesforce to the external HRsystem. This process needs to be reviewed by managers and directors.Which two tools should and administrator configure?Choose 2 answers

A. Quick Action
B. Outbound Message
C. Approval Process
D. Email Alert Action

Question # 7

Ursa MajorSolar uses Opportunity to track sales of solar energy products. The companyhas twoseparate sales teams that focus on different energy markets. The Services team alsowants to useOpportunity to track installation. All three teams will need to usedifferent fields and stages.How Should the administrator configure this requirement?

A. Create three sales processes. Create three record types and one page layout.
B. Create one sales process. Create three record types and three page layouts.
C. Create three sales processes. Create three record types and three page layouts.
D. Create one sales process. Create one record type and three page layouts.

Question # 8

The administrator at CloudKicks has created an approval process for time off requests.Which two automated actions are available to be added as part of the approval process?Choose 2 answers

A. Field Update
B. Chatter Post
C. Auto launched Flow
D. Email Alert

Question # 9

The CTO of AW Computing has defined a new policy for cases to improve customersatisfaction. All cases submitted with a Case Reason of Installation must be acknowledgedimmediately via email and assigned to the appropriate agents. Any cases that are still inthe New status after 4 hours must be escalated to support management.What case management tools need to be utilized for this requirement?

A. Auto-response rules, Macros, Entitlements
B. Auto-response rules, Queues, Macros
C. Auto-response rules, Queues, Escalation Rules
D. Auto-response rules, Entitlements, Escalation Rules

Question # 10

The Administrator at Universal Container wants to add branding tosalesforce.Which two considerations should the administrator keep in mind?Choose 2 Answers

A. Only one theme can be active at a time, and a theme applies to the entire org.
B. Themes apply to salesforce classic and to the salesforce mobile app.
C. Up to 150 custom themes can be created, modified, or cloned from the built-in themes.
D. Chatter external users see the built-in Lightning theme only