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Update Date 21 Jun, 2024
Total Questions 40 Questions Answers With Explanation

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Question # 1

How often is the model refreshed for Einstein engagement frequency(uses 2Sday& data)- weekly 

A. hourly 
B. daily 
C. monthly 
D. Biweekly 

Question # 2

Where would you add a topic profile 

A. Social studio automate 
B. Admin settings 
C. Workspace settings 
D. Social studio engage

Question # 3

What is true about shared entry event. 

A. It cannot be modified. 
B. Data extension created by it can be modified. 
C. Yon can use filter for entry audience segregation. 

Question # 4

What is true about contact data and journey data. 

A. Journey data is static and contact data is updated data. 
B. Contact data is static and journey data is updated data 

Question # 5

You are getting an error while trying to make an inbox message as inactive. What could be the possible reason. 

A. Some automation activity is using the inbox message 
B. The message is already scheduled/active 
C. The message has already been sent. (once started to send cannot mark as inactive) 

Question # 6

How are profiles merged In IS: 

A. Once a day 
B. Probabilistic matching 
C. Deterministic matching on matched identities

Question # 7

What is true about Einstein engagement frequency (EEF). Select 3 

A. EEF uses only commercial send data not transactional 
B. The model uses data available only in your account 
C. Used to determine correct no of mails to be send so that there are less unsubscribes due to email fatigue. email fatigue. 
D. It uses last ISO days engagement data

Question # 8

What user permission is required to configure SSO in social studio. 

A. Super user 
B. full user
 C. custom user 
D. limited user 

Question # 9

What is the prerequisite to create advertising studio audience: 

A. Create advertising/business account on the required and network and setup the ad  account integration in MC B. Set user opt in data. 
C. There is no prerequisite as all setup is done. 

Question # 10

Benefit of IS(advanced real-time personalization across various channel, unified customer profile) ---- 

A. Understand, decide act 
B. Listen, Understand , Act