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Exam Code CSA
Exam Name ServiceNow Certified System Administrator
Update Date 20 May, 2024
Total Questions 147 Questions Answers With Explanation

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Question # 1

On a Form header, what is the three bar icon called?

 A. Pancake icon 
B. Additional Actions or Context Menu 
C. Hamburger icon 
D. Cake icon 

Question # 2

Which one of the following statements is true about Column Context Menus? 

A. It displays actions such as creating quick reports, configuring the list, and exporting data 
B. It displays actions related to filtering options, assigning tags, and search 
C. It displays actions related to viewing and filtering the entire list 
D. It displays actions such as view form, view related task, and add relationship 

Question # 3

What are the two aspects to LDAP Integration? 

A. Data Population 
B. Data formatting 
C. Authorization 
D. Authentication 

Question # 4

Data Policy can enforce mandatory data on import. 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 5

Which one of the following statements best describes the purpose of an Update Set? 

A. An Update Set allows administrators to group a series of changes into a named set and then move this set as a unit to other systems 
B. By default, an Update Set includes customizations, Business Rules, and homepages 
C. An Update Set is a group of customizations that is moved from Production to Development 
D. By default, the changes included in an Update Set are visible only in the instance to which they are applied 

Question # 6

The wait time for end users is based on the round-trip between the client and the server. What activities are included in the round-trips? 

A. Request + Response 
B. Save + Update 
C. Write + Read 
D. Submit + Query 
E. Insert + Verify 

Question # 7

A knowledge article must be which of the following states to display to a user? 

A. Published 
B. Drafted 
C. Retired 
D. Reviewed 

Question # 8

Each knowledge bases can have unique lifecycle workflows, user criteria, category structures, and management assignments. 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 9

What kind of data can Import Sets use to populate tables in ServiceNow?  

A. CSS, SOAP, and Excel 
B. XML. CSV, and Excel 
D. XML, SOAP, and CSS 

Question # 10

What is the difference between UI Policy and UI Action? 

A. UI Action can make fields read-only, mandatory, or hidden. while UI Policy can make a save button visible for appropriate users. 
B. UI Policy can make fields read-only, mandatory, or hidden. while UI Action can make a save button visible for appropriate users.